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About A&A Creations

The Story Behind A&A Creations

"I was invited to a birthday party and I didn't have a was last minute so I went to the craft store because it was a) on the way to the party and b) open! I made a bracelet for the birthday girl and she loved it. I have been addicted to making jewellery ever since. The Birthday Girl is now one of my best customers!" - Angie


Angie, the Artist

A&A Creations is named after Angie and her very supportive husband who puts up with the occasional mess of beads around the house. We also can't forget about the cat who often supervises the jewelry making until she can't resist any longer and gets in on the action (much to Angie's chagrin). It's a family effort!


Custom Designs

Do you see something in our photo gallery that inspires you? Contact us with the number of the photo and your idea and we will work with you to make your idea into a beautiful piece of jewelry.


Jewelry Sales

Sales for A&A Creations are often through private referrals, retail outlets that carry our product, house parties or craft markets. We will update our "What's New" blog with the location of the public events or retail outlets. Please contact us if you would like to book one of our private jewelry parties.